Ohtani Tomoko

FacultyArt Media Center
PositionAssistant Professor
Last Updated :2018/06/25

Researcher Information



    Assistant Professor


    Art Media Center

Academic Degree

  • University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo
  • University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo


  • 2015.4~ Researcher of the Cooperative Research Project Program of the Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku University

Research Activities

Research Interests

  • optical illusion block, presense, verisimilitude


  • 2010.3 Books Digital Public Art in Haneda Airport
  • 2003 Articles
    Volume 46 p.482-500
  • 2006 Articles The influence of priming on the spatial spreading effect in color induction phenomena.
    Volume 30 p.135-145
  • 2010 Articles Design of Three-Dimensional Objects with Visual Illusions : Recognizing Interaction between Structures and Textures
    Volume 17 p.580-588
  • 2012 Articles Effects of Auditory Feedback for Augmenting the Act of Writing
    Volume 17 issue 3 p.289-292
  • 2015 Articles Effects of multimodal contents on temporal shifts in reality perception
    Hiroyuki YAGYU, Zhenglie CUI, Shuichi SAKAMOTO, 1Tomoko OHTANI, Y^oiti SUZUKI, and Jiro GYOBA
    Volume 20 issue 3 p.199-208


  • 2017.9 The Optical illusion blocks Workshop Kids Design Award 2017

Educational Activities


  • 2015 Code and Design
  • 2016 Code and Design
  • 2017 Code and Design
  • 2017 General Psychology for Practicing Artists
  • 2017 Special Lecture in Media Art Practice
  • 2017 Cognitive Science for Practicing Artists

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