FacultyFaculty of Music Department of Musicology
PositionAssociate Professor
Last Updated :2018/02/16

Researcher Information



    Associate Professor

Academic Degree

  • B. Mus
  • Ph. D., New York University, Graduate School of Arts and Science

Academic Societies

  • The Musicological Society of Japan
  • The American Musicological Society

Research Activities

Research Interests

  • Musicology
  • 20th- and 21st-century music
  • Contemporary Music Theory
  • Opera


  • 1999 Articles "The Use of Symmetry in Alban Berg's Wozzeck," in Wort und Musik: Alban Berg und die zwanziger Jahre (Verlag Ursula Mueller-Speiser). In English.
    Ulrich Mueller, ed. Verlag Ursula Mueller-Speiser
  • 2003 Books Wolfgang Rihm: Interpretive Examination of his Creative Sources (UMI). In English.
  • 2005 Articles "Musical Debate beyond Music: The Case of Guerre des Bouffon," in Studies in Early Opera (Sairyu-sha). In Japanese.
  • 2006 Articles "Operatic Process, Operatic Narrative: Post-1945 Opera and 'Reality' Revisited," The Bulletin of the Center for the Theatrical Studies, Waseda University VI. In English.
  • 2007 Articles "From 'Text' to the 'Performative': A Recent Approach to Opera Studies and its Possibilities," The Bulletin of the Center for the Theatrical Studies, Waseda University VII. In English.
  • 2008 Articles "Music in the Cold War," The Humanities: Keio University Bulletin (Hiyoshi Campus) XXIII. In Japanese.
  • 2008 Articles "A Japanese Zero-Hour?: Postwar Music and the Re-making of the Past," in Music of Japan Today (Cambridge Scholars Publishing). In English.
  • 2009 Books The Horizon of Opera Studies(Sairyu-sha; Co-Editor). In Japanese.
  • 2013.4 Books New Musicology
    Keio University Press
  • 2013.2 Articles "Narrative, Voice, Reality in the Operas of Toshio Hosokawa and Misato Mochizuki," in _Vocal Music and Contemporary Identities_
    Christian Utz, ed.
  • 2014 Articles "Re-situating Japan's Postwar Avantgarde through Re-situating Cage," in _Contemporary Music in East Asia_
    Hee Sook Oh, ed. Seoul National University Press
    Volume 181-210 p.181-210
  • 2013 Articles "Hosokawa e l'opera," in _Lotus: La musica di Toshio Hosokawa_
    Luciana Galliano, ed. Auditoium Edizioni
  • 2015 Others "Japan," in_Lexikon Neue Musik_
    Christian Utz and Jörn Peter Hiekel, ed. J. B. Metzler

Educational Activities


  • 2011 Seminar in Aesthetics of Music
  • 2011 Contemporary Music Lecture
  • 2011 Introduction to History of Western Music

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