FacultyGraduate School of Film and New Media Department of New Media
PositionDean of The Guraduate School of Film and New Media
Last Updated :2018/06/25

Researcher Information

Academic Degree

  • Dr. Eng, The University of Tokyo

Research Activities

Research Interests

  • film and new media
  • interactive media

Creative Outputs

  • 2007~2007 Exhibitions "Arithmetik Garden", Roppongi Crossing 2007, Mori Art Museum (Masahiko Sato + Takashi Kiriyama)
  • 2008~2008 Exhibitions "Arithmetik Garden", Open Space 2008, NTT Inter-Communication Center [ICC](Masahiko Sato + Takashi Kiriyama)
  • 2008~2008 Exhibitions "Transform Yourself", ICC Kids Program, NTT Inter-Communication Center [ICC](Masahiko Sato lab + Takashi Kiriyama lab) (Excellence Prize, Entertainment Division, Japan Media Arts Festival)
  • 2010~2010 Exhibitions "Pool of fingerprints", "The Nominal Divide", 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT "The Definition of Self", (Masahiko Sato + Takashi Kiriyama)
  • 2011~2011 Performances "Opera Kentoshi", moving image
  • 2013~2013 Exhibitions "Lion Shoes", 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT Exhibition "COLOR-HUNTING" Directed by Dai Fujiwara, (CAMPER, Tomohiro Akagawa, Taichi Inoue, Takashi Kiriyama, Ayaka Yamamoto)
  • 2014~2014 Exhibitions Masahiko Sato, Takashi Kiriyama, "Pool of Fingerprints", NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] Open Space (2014)
  • 2014~2014 Exhibitions Masahiko Sato, Takashi Kiriyama, "Hill of Reign", 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT Exhibition "Motion Science", (2014)
  • 2015~2015 Exhibitions Masahiko Sato, Takashi Kiriyama, "Pool of Fingerprints", Nam June Paik Art Center "Super-spreader: media virus" (2015)
  • 2016~2016 Exhibitions Takashi Kiriyama, Toshiyuki Kuwabara, "Sandbox of Daidara", 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT Exhibition "DOBOKU, Civil Engineering", (2016)


  • 1998 Books
  • 2006 Books
  • 1991 Articles
    Volume Vol.6 issue No.3 p.pp.426-434
  • 1994 Articles
    Volume Vol.60 issue No.579 p.pp.3610-3617
  • 1998 Articles Study on the collaborative design process over the Internet: a case study on VRML 2.0 specification design
    Hideyuki Ando, Akihiro Kubota, Takashi Kiriyama Design Studies
    Volume Vol.19 issue No.3 p.pp.289-308
  • 2006 Articles
    Volume Vol.47 issue No.4 p.pp.353-355
  • 2007 Articles
    Volume Vol.59 issue No.1 p.pp.204-207
  • 2010 Articles
    Volume Vol.1 issue No.1 p.pp.27-41
  • 2011 Articles
    Volume Vol.2 issue No.1 p.pp.19-34
  • 2011 Reports
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  • 2012 Articles Aesthetic Design of Interactive Museum Exhibits
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  • 2013 Articles
    Volume Vol.4 issue No.1 p.pp.43-59
  • 2013 Articles Design of Museum Exhibits and Analysis of Visitor-Exhibit Interactions
    Takashi Kiriyama, Masahiko Sato Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments
    Volume Vol.5 issue No.2 p.pp.147-159
  • 2015 Articles


  • 1989 Excellent Paper Award, Annual Conference of the Japan Society for Artificial Intelligence
  • 2001 West Lake Historical Landscape and Culture in Media Best paper award, Virtual Systems and Multimedia (Vsmm 2001)
  • 2008.2 Excellence Award, Entertainment Division, Japan Media Arts Festival

Educational Activities


  • 2006 Exhibition Planning
  • 2006 Exhibition Design
  • 2006 Human-computer Interaction
  • 2007 Research Initiatives in Film and New Media Studies
  • 2011 Information and Materials
  • 2013 Code and Design
  • 2014 Art and Information

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